Weedol® Path & Gravel Control (Ready to Use)

Weedol® Path & Gravel Control (Ready to Use)
Size: 1 litre
Main product features
Outdoors only
Ready to use
Ready to use
No glyphosate*

Weedol® Path & Gravel Weed Control Ready to Use is a pre-mixed ready to use weedkiller that is ideal for use on gravel paths, permeable patios and driveways. Once sprayed, the active ingredient pelargonic acid starts working immediatley giving you results in 3 hours and breaks down in soil naturally - leaving the area ready for replanting in just 3 days. The ready to use format makes it convenient for spot treatment. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is all recyclable along with the trigger.

When to use

How to use

  1. Shake well before use. We recommend wearing gardening gloves.
  2. Hold the sprayer approximately 50cm away from the target weed and spray weeds evenly to lightly wet leaves, avoiding run-off.
  3. Apply at 30mL/m².

Where to use

Can be used all around gravel paths, permeable patios and driveways.

How often to apply

When weeds are actively growing. For best results apply in calm, dry, warm conditions, usually early spring or summer, when there is no risk of spray drift onto adjacent desirable plants.Most effective on young weeds less than 10cm.

Maximum 4 applications a year.


Contains pelargonic acid.

Use weed killer products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Health and Safety

Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use. For further information relating to product safety please review the product data safety sheet link below.

Weedol® Path & Gravel Control (Ready to Use) main image
Weedol® Path & Gravel Control (Ready to Use) 1 litre (other sizes available)
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