Karen's Kokedama Balls

Kokedama Balls are an easy and inexpensive take on the traditional Japanese art form using materials readily available from Bunnings.

A terrific project for the kids and adults, they won't take long to assemble once you have put together all the items needed to make them.

All types of small plants look great in these balls - succulents work a treat or even a tuft of mondo grass will look great!



How to create Karen's Kokedama Balls

What you will need for the Kokedama Balls

Gather your supplies from Bunnings:

You’ll also need:

  • A round disposable plastic dinner plate (approx 26cm) – to use as a base to make your ball.
  • Scissors.
  • 9L bucket.


How to create Kokedama Balls

  1. Fill the bucket with half a bottle of Scotts Osmocote® Pour+Feed Cacti & Succlents. Add the sphagnum moss and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  2. Place your square of hessian on the disposable plate.
  3. Grab a handful of sphagnum moss, squeeze out the excess liquid and place onto the hessian. Then add on top a handful of Scotts Osmocote Bonsai Potting Mix.
  4. Remove your plant from the pot and gently shake away all of the soil around the roots and discard soil.
  5. Pop your bare-rooted plant on top of your sphagnum/potting mix on your hessian.
  6. Pull the four hessian corners up around the plant and form into a ball shape.
  7. Cut a 4 metre length of twine, tie on around the ball and wind it around the ball in all directions until you are happy with the look. Leave about 1m of twine (for the hanger) and tie off directly opposite the first tie. Cut string.
  8. Hang and enjoy your Kokedama Ball.

Caring for your Kokedama Balls

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