Patio lighting ideas

Looking for some patio lighting ideas to transform your garden space? Getting the right lighting for your patio can be a tricky thing. Whether you have an idea in mind or just want to get some ideas for your patio, we can break down the different types of patio lighting to help you decide what’s best for your garden.

Of course, there are many different varieties of lighting that can be applied to a garden patio. It really depends on what kind of lighting you are looking for. Whether it be lighting the patio space with an overhanging fixture or stylish ground floor lighting, you can really alter the overall look of your garden with different styles of lighting.

Overhanging Lights

Patio lighting ideas

There are a few styles of patio lighting you can look at for an overhanging lighting feature. The style you eventually pick will depend on the design and overall look of your patio space.

One of the lighting designs that has impressed me the most is the ‘party style’ lighting. The cabling that is lined with light bulbs can be wrapped around your gazebo or from two fixtures from one structure to another. The lighting can be acquired for a fairly cheap price and can fit a number of different garden designs.

If you are looking for a contemporary patio lighting design, then pendant shades could be a great suggestion for you. Again, there are many different styles available and the prices can vary significantly.

If you have a gazebo in place, then this structure can support your lighting over your garden table that can act as a focal point for your patio. With a pendant shade styling of lighting, you can go for some modern designs. Artistic shading for your lights would be an eye-catching way to light your patio. Artistic shading can provide a quirky look for your garden.

If you’re looking for a retro patio lighting ideas look for your then you should look into an old fashioned lantern style light to hang over your patio table. Again these would be in the form of an overhanging pendant from an overhead structure. This style of patio lighting can prove to be a little more expensive depending on the design and just for the lantern aspect of the light, may cost you the in the region of £100 and upwards.

An overhead floor lamp could also be a spectacular way of lighting your patio space. The lamp would provide powerful lighting but at a cost. Despite the fact it is weatherproof with its plastic shade and aluminium frame it would almost certainly cost as much as the patio being fitted itself!

If you want a unique way to light your patio, why not have an ancient style redesigned for your garden- an overhanging set of candles. This idea would definitely be fairly unique and would be an alternative spin on an old fashioned lighting method! Again, the price could vary depending on the style you go for but at least you would never have to change the bulbs!

Different Ways Of Lighting Your Patio

Patio wall lighting has been proven to be a popular method of lighting. You can either embed your patio lights into the wall or fix your lights on top or attached to the wall. These spotlights are a pretty cool way to light your garden area and will certainly fit in with the overall design of your garden. There are a few different spotlights you can purchase and most will not be too expensive, obviously depending on how or where you would want to install them.

There are a number of solar patio lighting ideas that you can use that can fit in the ground alongside your patio. This lighting method is environmentally friendly and can light your patio area in a slightly different way. I would suggest lining your patio with four or five of these small light fittings that fit into the ground. These can be fitted onto hard ground, whether it be a patio or even nearby garden soil. Of course, you can purchase electrical lights that would do the same job but the solar lights would be my preferred choice.

Fairy lights are also another popular and pretty way to light your patio. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be purchased in a variety of colours. Most commonly found on Christmas trees, these lights have been found to be utilised as lighting for many gardens and can easily wrap around any structure to provide effective patio lighting. Also, fairy lights can make a garden look very spectacular when applied in an artistic way!

LED lights can also offer you a great option for patio lighting. One form of LED lighting that would be very easy to set up would be LED candle-lights that are a portable option for your patio lighting requirements. These can be placed anywhere across your patio and with nowhere near the same danger as an open flame!

Solar Lighting

If you are an advocate of environmentally friendly solutions and would like to save a great deal of money in the long term then this is the patio lighting for you. These lights harness the power of sunlight using panels that absorb the light energy and output electricity. This means that they are completely self-sustaining which means you won't have to pay anything after your initial investment.

Do you have amazing lighting in your garden? If so we would love to see what you have come up with. Let us know @LoveTheGarden.

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