We all know what wasps look like and what they do! They can be a huge nuisance during warm summers, especially when you’re enjoying the garden, eating and drinking. Many people are severally allergic to wasp stings.


Social wasps, the species that live together in nests, are certainly an irritant, spoiling the pleasure of drinks on the patio and food from the barbecue, they also come into the home looking for sweet treats. And last but certainly not least, some people are severely allergic to wasp stings.

Sprays are effective against individuals but for everyone that is dealt with others will appear.

Treatment and control

Seek out the source

The only way for permanent control is to find the nest, wait for the evening when the wasps have stopped flying and place approved insecticide dust in the entrance to the nest. More than one application may be required. They may even feed on the sweet secretion from sap-sucking insects, known as honeydew.

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