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Houseplants and Indoor Plants

Potted Plants Around an Armchair

As well as being beautiful and decorative, houseplants have a number of benefits to your home.

Watering houseplants

Watering your houseplants is an easy job to do, but did you know that it's actually the most common cause of plant deaths. This is caused by too much water being poured regularly into the compost, which can cause plant roots to suffocate and rot.

A variety of different cacti species

Vast and diverse, it is not easy to provide general caring tips for the cactus and succulent group. Instead, we must begin by identifying your species.

beautiful set of gorgeous orchid on wet stones

Orchids are recognised all over the world as symbols of love and beauty (no wonder they make such great gifts).

Christmas decorations with houseplant

Christmas houseplants are a great way of brightening up the house, making it colourful and festive, and they’re fabulous Christmas gifts.

Make your houseplants happy

Make your houseplants feel at home with the right environment...

Successful houseplants

You don’t need greenfingers or special equipment to have thriving houseplants. Instead, a little loving care and a few basic facts are all you need..

Just as we water houseplants because rain doesn’t reach them, so we need to feed them because their roots aren’t able to reach out for nutrients and nourishment.

Caring for your houseplants

Neglected houseplants may not die, but sooner or later they can look very sad or sick, become untidy and covered in dust or pests. Regular attention to cleaning, pest control, training and trimming will pay handsome dividends.

Looking to brighten up your home with an indoor plant? Learn what plants grow well indoors and how to care for them.


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