Low Maintenance Houseplants

Spruce up your home with low maintenance houseplants. Check out our easy-to-care-for plant picks to add beautiful and decorative plants to your home.

1. The ZZ Plant

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Officially called Zamioculcas zamifolia, the ZZ plant is virtually un-killable. It does best in low light and when left alone. Best of all, its dark glossy leaves, and propensity to grow tall will make any corner of your house pop. 

2. Snake Plant

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Also known as the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, this indestructible and striking plant is perfect for adding a little greenery and some purifying energy to your home. 

3. Aloe Plant

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Getting the thumbs up from NASA as one of the world’s best for air purification, this plant will make for a great addition to any room. It likes sunshine and not much watering in return. 

4. Jade Plant

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Another succulent on our list is the jade plant, and if you frequently forget to water your plants, then this is the one for you. Set it in a place with bright light and keep it at normal room temperature. 

5. Peace Lily Plant

If you want blooms but don’t want the work to go with it, a peace lily is a perfect compromise. It likes humidity, moist soil, and not too much light. Plus, the pretty white flowers and glossy green leaves will also keep the air clean in your house. Win-win. 

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