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Garden Maintenance

Overgrown Garden Clearance

It’s no secret that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you’re likely to go through, especially if there is any landscaping or hardcore maintenance work that needs doing.

Tree split into one half Winter the other Spring

There always seems to be so much to do in the garden, so follow our guide to Autumn vs Spring Gardening - What You Need to Know.

Whether it’s a bit of weeding to keep on top of things or planning some new planting to revive a tired border, there are always gardening jobs to do.  There are two seasons that seem to be busier than the others and that’s Spring and Autumn, the bookends of the growing season. 

So, what do you need to know about these times of the year to ensure that Winter and especially Summer, give you a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labours?  

Close up view of a paved patio

On the face of it, laying a patio can look like a fairly simple task but this task can be quite arduous and labour intensive. However it can be a very rewarding project, especially when you have completed it to a high standard.

Hand trowel

When you are purchasing new gardening tools, you will more than likely have a choice of low price/low quality or higher priced/high-quality tools.

A Well Maintained Driveway

There’s a huge part of our home glaring right at us which might need attention...  It's often the first thing you see approaching the home. That’s right – the driveway. Many of us have one or are considering investing in re-doing theirs.

Two wooden raised planters with colourful plants

Raised flower beds are an attractive addition to your landscaping, convenient to use and the perfect solution for gardens with problem soil.

Making Compost for Your Garden

Making your own compost is getting more popular, due to the increasingly green-conscious society. Home-made garden compost contains lots of nutrients that plants love - such as nitrogen and carbon. When you add it to your garden soil, it will make an improvement and make it even better for growing plants!

Garden Drainage - Prevent Waterlogging With This Useful Guide

Excess water can be a common and frustrating problem in low lying or clay soil areas. Improve your garden drainage, protect your plants and prevent water logging with our easy-to-follow guide.

Flooding and waterlogging

After the wettest winter on record, flooding blighted tens of thousands of homes and gardens. But even more widespread is the waterlogging that has affected hundreds of thousands of gardens – particularly those on heavy, clay soils – and any garden with naturally wet soil.

'Water Smart' gardening

We all need to use water carefully when gardening - using it efficiently and not wasting a drop. Here are some Water Smart tips that will help you carry on gardening and using available water in the most efficient way possible.

Making the best use of water in the garden

It makes sense to make the best use of water in the garden – especially during times of prolonged dry periods and droughts and if you have a water meter!

patio cleaning before after shot

Paths, patios and other hard surfaces can soon become dirty and covered with green mould and and algae. This will make them look uncared for.

Plant watering tips

Normal rainfall will keep most plants growing in outdoor beds and borders happy for most of the year. Only in hot, dry summers supplementary watering is needed. Plants growing in pots, hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes and other containers will need watering regularly.

Making compost

Home-made garden compost contains lots of nutrients that plants love - such as nitrogen and carbon. When you add it to your garden soil it will improve it and make it even better for growing plants.

Different types of compost

Choose the right type of compost for the job you have in mind as not all composts are the same...

Maintaining your garden needn't be a chore. Follow our useful guides to keep your garden in tip-top condition all year round with minimal effort.


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