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Types of Weed

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By Amy Drudge, Garden Advisor
Types of weed

Weeds are persistent garden invaders and can be divided into 4 groups. This will determine the best way of getting rid of them.

Annual weeds


The ones that last for one year or one growing season only, but which leave their seeds for next year and years to come.

Examples: fat hen, chickweed (pictured), groundsel, shepherd’s purse and speedwell.

Perennial and deep rooted weeds

Ground Elder

The ones that keep coming back, year after year, that can grow again from even the smallest left-over segment.

Examples: ground elder, bindweed (pictured), couch grass, creeping thistle and dock.

Woody weeds

Japanese Knotweed

Seedlings and weeds that develop a woody stem.

Examples: brambles, Japanese knotweed (pictured), nettles and sycamore, ash and other tree seedlings.

Lawn weeds

Dandelion in lawn

The plants that can grow so vigorously, they simply ‘suffocate’ the grass.

Examples: dandelion (pictured), clover, buttercup and daisy.


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