Scotts Osmocote

There’s something magical about finding the perfect plant, picking the right pot and bringing it home to meet the rest of your plant family.
It doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or just beginning your growing journey, when you start with Scotts Osmocote, you’ll bring out the best in all that you grow.

Love At First Sight

Join us on a journey of true love... it all starts with a saturday morning stroll of the nursery aisles to the jaw-dropping moment when you find 'the' one!

People who love plants, love Scotts Osmocote and when you start with the best potting mix, pour the love with a liquid fertiliser and sprike a little plant food magic, you'll bring out the best in all you grow.

Scotts Osmocote Potting Mixes

Just as we need a strong foundation for a solid home, our plants need the right potting mix to maintain happy and healthy growth. Scotts Osmocote potting mixes are tailor-made for all our favourite plants. With over 50 years of horticultural expertise inside every bag, each unique mix brings out the best in your plants.

Scotts Osmocote Liquid Fertilisers

As proud plant parents, spoiling our plants with that extra ‘boost’ of nutrients is one of the most rewarding tasks. Keep the love alive with Scotts Osmocote Liquid Fertilisers. These ready to use liquid plant foods are fast acting, enriched with Seaweed with visible results in just 7 days!

Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilisers

The secret to happy, healthy plants is food! Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilisers take the guesswork out of feeding and are specifically designed to suit any plant in your garden!
Simply sprinkle the Osmocote prills around the base of your plant to bring out the best they can offer, all season long!

A Solution For Every Plant