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Grow Your Own

cucumbers growing

A favourite vegetable to add to salads, sandwiches or use to cool stressed eyes. 

Freshly picked strawberries

Strawberries are one of the UK's favourite fruits - sweet, juicy, healthy, and so easy to grow at home.

Garlic bulbs

Growing your own full flavoured, tasty garlic at home is very easy and relatively problem free.

Aloe Vera close up view

Aloe Vera is a hugely popular plant for a multitude of reasons; from health, to skin care to hair growth and even surface burn relief. Aloe Vera is proven to contain vitamins and enzymes that detoxify and support the immune system, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, help with digestion, provide a boost of vitamins, and also help with acne and dehydrated skin. 

Growing Potatoes: Everything You Need To Know

Boiled, mashed, baked or cut into chips – potatoes are hugely versatile, and a staple food for most households. Whether you use potatoes to grow your own roast dinner or cool them and added to tasty salads, potatoes are a great investment in space and time that will give every home a tasty reward that can be stored for months.

A raised flower bed

What should you grow in a raised bed? There are lots of great plants to choose from, that will then provide interest, colour and structure throughout the rest of the year.

Growing Herbs Indoors

If you’re a foodie with a knack for stirring out a pesto dish, then what better way to add a personal touch to a home-cooked meal than with your own home-grown herbs?

The Underside of an Edible Mushroom Species

There are more than 500,000 types of wild fungi in the UK. Only a small fraction of these are generally likely to be found during your weekly shop or on the menu of your favourite restaurant.

Easy vegetables

Interest in grow your own continues to rise and growing your own tasty and healthy fruit and veg at home is easier than ever before.

Growing Fruit & Vegetables in Containers

If you only have a small garden or even just a patio, you can easily grow your own tasty fruit and vegetables. Nearly all fruit and veg can be grown in pots and other containers. In fact, some vegetables crop even better when grown well in containers!

growing basil herb

Fresh herbs add so much to everyday cooking, that there are few kitchens that don’t boast a pot or two of parsley, basil or coriander. They each add interesting flavours and tastes to all manner of hot and cold dishes.  With Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables Herb Seed Pods range it's even easier to grow your favourite herbs indoors.

raspberry fruit bush

Feeding fruit bushes early in spring ensures that the plant roots can draw on valuable nutrients whenever they come into active growth.

An explanation of crop rotation

One of the best ways to avoid vegetable pests, diseases and disorders is to rotate your crops to different plots each season - this method is called Crop Rotation.

Create a vegetable garden

Why grow your own vegetables? Well, there’s the practical advantage that growing your own vegetables is often cheaper than shop-bought produce, but for most of us the real benefits are far greater than this. Anyone that has had a go at growing their own will tell you that the taste of home-grown tomatoes, or the sense of well being derived from digging up a row of fresh new potatoes is second to none. There’s also the opportunity to grow the old fashioned, or unusual varieties, that simply aren’t available in shops… and if this isn’t enough, you’ll be saving on the food miles at the same time.

Grow your own fruit and veg

If you fancy giving ‘grow your own’ a go but don’t think you have the outside space to spare, or the know-how to get started then think again!

Growing Tomatoes Outdoors

No summer salad is complete without a juicy home-grown tomato picked fresh from the vine. These health-promoting fruits are relatively easy to grow if you get your planting time right and feed correctly. Expect to pick your first ripe fruits from the end of July through until October.

Nothing tastes better than fruit or veg grown by your own hands, but getting started can be daunting. Here we provide useful tips & advice to help you grow your own.


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