Best indoor plants

This is our list of the Best Indoor Plants for your house, they range from adding a pop of colour, cleaning the air to being super low maintenance.

1. Vriesea


Great for adding a pop of colour to the house and as a bonus, its a low maintenance plant too! When watering, only water the crown of the plant, make sure the compost is not watered too much.

2. Sansevieria (snake plant)


Fantastic plant for beginners as it is low maintenance, it removes toxins and releases oxygen back into the air. It grows upwards so is good for small spaces and does not get very big.

3. Cape primrose

Cape primrose

Comes in a variety of flower colours and the best place is anywhere they won’t be in full sun The only thing that they can suffer from is over watering!

4. Peace lily

Peace lily

Is one of the top plants for air purifying according to NASA! This has gorgeous shiny green leaves with individual white flowers and can grow to be quite big.

5. Kalanchoë

Kalanchoë houseplant

Is a tropical houseplant that can adjust to different temperatures, comes in a huge variety of colours and is a succulent, so only needs watering once a week, it can survive being in dried soil for a short period of time.

6. Calathea (peacock plant)

Calathea houseplant

Have great striking leaf markings with a lovely purple underside. They thrive in high humid conditions, so this means they need to be misted on a regular basis, otherwise they develop brown tips.

7. Aloe vera

Aloe vera houseplant

Known as the medicine plant, it’s inner leaf gel is great for bites, burns etc, but make sure you purchase the right plant to do this with. Part of the succulent family, it does not need much watering and needs very little feeding.

8. Orchids

Orchid houseplant

The easiest orchid to care for are the Phalaenopsis, as they can actually take a lot of neglect and really don’t require much from you. They can flower for ages and do best growing in a clear pot in a light space but no in direct sunlight.

9. Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)

Monstera deliciosa houseplant

This is great to fill spaces, it can grow quite tall and the leaves can reach up to 18 inches wide. These too don’t need much attention and can go without being watered for short periods of time.

10. Spider plant

Spider plant

These are the most common and populare houseplant to have, they are very easy to care for and produce lots of new baby plants. This is also a great air-filtering plant so it’s great to pot up the babies and place them around the home.

Remember: water is not enough!

For good growth and flowering, plants need more than just water, they need the right balance of NPK and essential nutrients. So don’t forget plant feeding is an essential part of caring for your houseplants. Miracle-Gro offer a good range of quality plant foods to help you keep your plants healthy and looking great.

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