Carrots (Daucus carota)

Now come in a variety of colours from white to purple!!



For the best results, carrots need a sunny position and fine, crumbly soil that has not been freshly manured and without too many stones.


Carrot varieties

For early crops, choose Early Nantes, Amsterdam Forcing or Mignon.

For the main sowing season, sow Autumn King, Red Intermediate or Chantenay Red Cored.

For stoney soil, try the shorter or stump-rooted varieties, such as Rondo or Parmex.

And to tempt kids, you could try Sugarsnax, Parmex or Bolero.


Sowing carrots

The seeds need to be sown where they are going to mature.  Follow our how to grow carrots guide for full details.


How to care for carrots

If you have sown too thickly they will need thinning out. Don’t compost the larger thinnings as they make a delicious addition to salads. It is better to sow thinly, rather than having to thin out seedlings, as handling and bruising the plants can attract carrot fly.



Carefully lift carrots as soon as they are large enough to use. Don't leave them to get very large or you’ll sacrifice flavour.

Read our How To Grow Carrots guide for further advice and information.


Common carrot pests

Carrots may be susceptible to the following problems:

  • Forking
  • Cracking
  • Carrot Fly

Find out how to avoid these common carrot problems.


carrots growing chart



Ultimate height

Up to 15cm (6in)

Ultimate spread

5cm (2in)

Time to ultimate height

3 months




Soil PH



Moist but well-drained