Front garden ideas

We have recently discussed ways to improve your garden such as using attractive lighting and creating landscape projects with railway sleepers. Front gardens come in many different shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean you can't make yours look amazing! We have put together some of the best things that you can do to make the front of your property really stand out. Whilst some of these may not be possible for your garden specifically, they may just inspire you to make that change your garden has been calling out for.

Paths / Paving Slabs

There are many different ways that you can design and create a path in your front garden. From a range of different materials to choose from as well as different styles. The only limit is your imagination. Paving slabs make it possible to create a great looking path that is different from a traditional path, resulting in depth in character in your front garden.

Shingle / Stones

Shingle and stones are brilliant ways of adding a different element to your garden. Some properties will have these as materials for a driveway but there are so many things that they can offer besides a suitable surface for a car. If used in the right way, stones and shingle can have a visually appealing decorative effect that adds a great deal of character to any front garden.

Water Fountains / Features

Water features need little explanation as to how they can add something extra to the front of your house, but there are a huge variety of choices when it comes to styles and ways you can implement them. Building water features can be a little overwhelming, and rightly so in some cases. If you are looking to have a water feature in your garden it doesn't have to be expensive, and you can often do it yourself with little experience and a bit of guidance.

Shrubbery / Bush Sculptures

Putting a creative touch on your bushes and shrubbery can be a very eye-catching addition to your front garden. Especially if you already have bushes that you would prefer not to remove, this can transform there appeal and get the most out of them. The great thing about these is if you get it wrong it will always grow back, then you can have another go! Of course, doing it yourself you will have to start from a basic shape and progress to more complex designs as your skill increases. We would recommend a simple sphere or cube to get you started on your road to sheering mastery.

Flower Beds / Herbaceous Borders

Despite this being a rather obvious suggestion, it still has a deep variety that can show your garden in hundreds of different ways and colours. Using flowers to give your garden some extra character can be especially helpful if you have little grass in your front garden as is the case with many driveways and small front areas. Flowers can make fantastic edging and can bring a dull driveway to life.

Garden Steps

This front garden feature may only be applicable for front gardens that are sloped. Some may consider a garden that is not a flat surface more difficult to give a scenic look, but that is not always the case. Garden steps are a wonderful way of, not only providing a functional way of creating mobility around your garden but can add a classy element of design.

Brick Patterns

Instead of having a plain path, wall or driveway in your front garden, a cost-efficient way of creating a feature that is more pleasing to the eye is to use bricks. You can use different textures and colours of brick arranged in a way that stands out and offers something more scenic than your average walkway, driveway or wall.

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