Strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa)

Juicy strawberries are a temptation for anyone, picked straight from the garden, you know there’s nothing else quite like it.

Strawberry varieties

Strawberries come in a range of different shapes, sizes, flavours and cropping times. The main summer-fruiting varieties are divided into early, mid, and late-season types. There are also perpetual or everbearing varieties that can fruit more-or-less continuously from July to September.

Some of the best varieties include:

  • Early summer fruiting Emily, Honeoye
  • Midseason Cambridge Favourite, Hapil, Pegasus
  • Late season Rhapsody, Symphony
  • Perpetual fruiting Aromel, Bolero

Your local garden centre will probably have a selection of different varieties, so you can pick n’ mix your plants for a long cropping period. Make sure you pick plants with plenty of healthy green leaves, that are fairly compact and not too leggy.

Planting strawberries

Although young plants can be planted at any time of year, the best times are September/October or March/April.

If you’re planting directly into your garden soil, remove existing weeds and dig over the area before planting. Strawberries are a long-term crop and the plants will go on cropping for several years, so for the best results incorporate a soil improver to enrich the area with organic matter and add your favourite general plant feed.

Use our How to Grow Strawberries guide for more information.

How to care for strawberries

To ensure you get the biggest crops of the juiciest fruits, it’s important to water regularly and thoroughly during summer whenever there are periods of prolonged dry weather. This is especially important when the fruit has formed and is developing.

Here are some top tips for growing strawberries:

When to replace or propagate your plants

Plants will continue producing fruit for around 6 years, however, after 3 or 4 years the yield will reduce, so most gardener’s start a fresh planting.


Strawberry fruits tend to ripen individually, so pick and eat them as they become ready. Eat them as soon as possible for the best flavour - and enjoy!

Use our How to Grow Strawberries guide for more helpful advice and information.


Strawberries may be susceptible to the following pests, diseases and problems.

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