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Gold for Come to Your Senses - Ecotherapy garden

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By Vicky Page, Garden Expert

 Gold for Come to your Senses Ecotherapy Garden

We are absolutely delighted to win a Gold for our Come to your Senses Ecotherapy garden and the Best Discovery Exhibit.

Found in the Great Pavilion, the 'Discovery' area showcases the best scientific and educational exhibits from the world of horticulture to encourage show visitors to engage and interact with, and learn about, horticulture. Our exhibit certainly aimed to achieve this. 

Focusing on childrens' mental health and how horticulture can make a difference to their lives. Our exhibit focused on the 5 main senses - sight, smell, touch, sound and taste and gave visitors an interactive approach to understanding how plants can make a real difference to children's health and happiness.

The House

Chelsea House by Miracle-Gro

At the show you started by entering our house which featured an educational section on the pressures and challenges todays generation of children face.  With shocking statistics such as "Half of all children have mental health problems by the age of 14", and "British teenagers are clocking up six hours of screen time a day, negative impacts start after just two hours' viewing time leading to reductions in attention span, increased stress, aggressive behaviour, and social isolation."  We had TV's show a typical family being influenced by technology and school pressures. By the time you exit the house you have had a sensory overload!

View inside the RHS Chelsea House

Bring on the therapy....

View from the House into Ecotherapy garden

Visitors then entered our garden and learnt about how each sense can make a real difference to children's lives.  We encouraged visitors to smell and touch plants, making the experience highly engaging and informative.  Signs were dotted around each senses garden providing advice on plants that can make a difference, such as "Rosemary helps you to rejuvenate, revitalise and improve your memory – great just before an exam!" and "touching plants such as sedum makes you feel calmer and less stressed"

View from inside Miracle-Gro RHS Chelsea Garden

We were delighted with the judge's comments who said "the execution of a simple message was outstanding"



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