16 ways to make money from your garden

There are hundreds of reasons to spend time outside in the garden – come sunshine or frost there’s always a fix that can only be found in the outdoors. Whether you are an avid gardener, a garden party thrower, something in the middle or something different entirely, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy the garden alone or with others. But did you know there are ways to use your garden to make money too?

1. Sell Herbs

Growing herbs is a fantastic use of your garden – home-grown ingredients to a signature dish or a garnish for an experimental cocktail, herbs are beginner friendly and the extras can be sold to friends and family or wider for an easy side income.

2. Sell Edible And Decorative Flowers

Did you know that there are home-grown edible flowers available to buy? You can find them stocked at health stores and you may come across them at a restaurant. The important thing to remember is that some flowers are sold as decoration (daffodils) while others are edible (for example dandelions) - do your research and sell both.

3. Keep Livestock

Another common option for making a little extra money is through livestock. Livestock is a common option: quails, chickens and ducks can form a platform for a small business all from your back garden.

4. Hire Out Your Garden For Parties

As well as selling from your garden you can hire out your garden for different purposes. For example, if you have a well set up garden you can hire it out for parties – we advise starting off with children’s parties as they do not involve needing an alcohol license and do not risk issues with noise pollution through loud music, however you may need to look into insurance and CRB checks. You can expect to make between £800-850 for your time, effort and resources.

5. Hire Out Your Garden For Camping

Similarly, you can expect to make some extra cash by renting your garden out for campers. This is a good idea for those with larger gardens or who are situated near places of interest. There are growingly garden huts and spaces advertised on 'Air BnB' which is extremely popular and an easier way to find potential renters.

6. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a popular hobby, with 44,000 beekeepers currently caring for hives across the UK. With one hive harvesting approximately 40lbs of honey, beekeeping is a sure way to make a profit from your garden. Bees are simple enough to manage, as they are self-sufficient beings, one point of note before you begin however is to communicate with your immediate neighbours before putting any plans into action for allergy concerns.

7. Seeds & Seedlings

For those amongst us with green fingers – this could be one for you. Put your gardening skills to use to propagate seedlings that you can sell on at car boots and local garages, and of course to friends, family and colleagues. By growing plants in your garden, you could make £600 per month (peaking between the months of February and October).

8. Sell Organic Produce At The Market

The perfect garden enterprise – the organic market. You can grow fruit and vegetables in your personal allotments and then sell on to hungry buyers. This is a larger project that will require more time, experience and money that others listed here – but the rewards will be worthwhile. For the largest projects sell at a local market stall if you can grow and maintain enough produce.

9. Hire Out Your Garden As Allotments

More people are getting into gardening – however, not everyone has the resources. This is where you come in. You can hire out your garden to people as allotments. This is a project best suited to those with a side gate access to the garden. If you are London's liver – you are sure to be a success.

10. Open Your Garden To The Public

For those of you with a large and beautiful garden – why not share your pride and joy with others? Hosting an open garden event is an easy way to make money, and can be a great way to raise money for charity. If you pick to get involved in charity raising through your garden you can advertise for free through The National Garden Society or Open Gardens.

11. Sell Freshly Cut Flowers

As well as selling organic fruit and veg, homegrown flowers are another way to make money through your garden. Arrange them in bouquets and sell them locally to run a small business right from your back garden.

12. Sell Fruit Smoothies With Produce From Your Garden

Using the produce from your own organic garden, why not start-up business in the kitchen and blend up some signature smoothies. With the health kick that’s currently in motion, your smoothies could be a successful way to make a second income.

13. Make Homemade Jams & Chutneys

Selling home-grown jams and chutneys is an innovative way to make an extra wage. Why not try personalising with a ribbon and some bespoke homemade packaging to really grab people’s attention? Something the whole family will enjoy – a jam or chutney (or both!) business could be fun as well as money-making.

14. Create Garden Art

If you’re a creative soul why not share your work with others. You could paint scenes in your garden if you are a still-life painter, or take artful photography if that is your passion. If you can make money from your hobby, you are going to enjoy your work immensely. Sell locally and online and share your work with friends and strangers.

15. Hire Out Your Garden To Paint Classes

Who knew you could hire out your garden for so many exciting events? If you have a particularly impressive garden, with particular visual interest, such as exotic plants or mysterious nooks and crannies and other hideaways you could make £100+ by hiring out your spot to painting classes.

16. Sell Festive Gifts And Decorations

During the festive season, why not sell homemade gifts and decorations for others. Using holly and mistletoe you can create Christmas bouquets, cards and other festive details and gifts for neighbours and friends.

And that's it! Have you thought of any better or different ways to make money from your garden? If so let us know about it @LoveTheGarden. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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