Patio planters and plant ideas

Patio planters and plants are a great way to decorate your patio and garden area. Relatively inexpensive and only a little maintenance needed (other than watering, of course!). Planters aid the growth of plants on your patio area aside from the garden plants that you have in your flowerbeds.

We will take a look at a few options for patio planters and plants for your garden. First, we will give you a run-down of a few different ideas for planters, before we take a look at some plants to fit in with your style of patio.

Different Planters For Your Garden

If you are looking for a contemporary design for your planter (or planters), then you should look into purchasing Fibrecotta Cube Planters. Arguably, the most aesthetically pleasing style of Fibrecotta planter would be the fibre clay design. This style of planter comes in a variety of colours that will suit a number of plants and gardens. Would suit coniferous plants more specifically. These types of patio planters can be acquired for a relatively inexpensive price. You can purchase a fibre clay Fibrecotta planter for £20 and upwards.

Another relatively inexpensive design to look at would be the ‘Ella Artstone’ planter box. This planter has a marble effect to it and some of the smaller designs really do look stylish. Made from plastic, these planters are recyclable and have great drainage. Ideal for the patio and prices start at around £20 and upwards.

The Wave Globe Garden Planter is another smaller planter design which could be of interest to you. A contemporary design which is perfect for growing smaller plants, such as the common daisy, which would be a great match depending on the colour you choose for both plant and planter. The cost would be similar to that of the ‘Ella Artstone’ planter, but depending on where you purchase your planter, the price may vary between £25-30 and upwards.

A wooden patio planter would offer you the opportunity to plant a number of plants in the same pot. This planter would be fairly eye-catching on your patio this summer. Not too tricky to assemble and will fit in with a number of different garden styles. This sort of planter would be a good match for any variety of patio rose. Is relatively expensive compared to the other designs available. This planter could set you back in the region of £100 at least, and you will have to assemble this planter yourself.

Patio planters and plant ideas

Plants For Your Planters

Where better to start than to take a look at some patio roses. These small flowers are perfect for your patio (hence the name!) and really are aesthetically pleasing and are very versatile for a lot of gardens. Really easy to maintain. You would only have to water these flowers once every other day. One of the only roses that are tolerant of being grown in containers.

A Chinese windmill palm-tree would be a unique plant to purchase for your garden. This plant would surprisingly, be able to tolerate our cold winters and still maintain its tropical look. Would only need a small planter to accommodate this plant. Will set you back around £20 but for its originality, would be worth the purchase.

Why not have a multi-functional plant? An apple tree or for its exact name, the ‘Malus Domestica Red Spur’, would offer you something different for your patio. You would be able to eat the produce from this plant during the harvest period in September-October. The plant offers a different yet attractive look for your patio. Very inexpensive and only a small/medium size planter is required for the apple tree and would (again) require little maintenance.

A colourful and stunning looking alternative for a patio plant would be the Chrysanthemum flower. The flower comes in a variety of colours and would definitely be a spectacular addition to your garden. Ideal for planters and are again a great plant for a good price- can be purchased for around £10 and upwards and will maintain its colour until the first frost at least.

What patio plants and planters do you use in your garden? We love hearing about different approaches and exciting new ways of designing your patio. Let us know @LoveTheGarden.

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