Roof top garden design ideas

Living in an urban area can be a major drawback for avid gardeners and people who find pleasure in a gorgeous green place. A limited space should not stop you from creating your own lush garden. If you are running short on a gardening area, you can get creative and explore other options. The rooftop offers a lot of possibilities to practice your green thumb and design an attractive retreat.

Of course, building your own rooftop garden is not the same as planting greenery directly in the ground. However, with a little research, some basic knowledge and creative approach you will be able to make the most of your living place. If you are ready to upgrade your rooftop, here are a couple of inspirations for your new project.

What you need to know before designing a rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens don’t differ much from the regular landscapes in terms of design goals. You want to create inviting, relaxing and pleasing outdoor space. There are certain challenges that are unique for the urban areas. The weight is a number issue.

Since you don’t have ground on which your plants can grow, you need to bring soil. There are two options – turn your rooftop into a fertile land or use planters. Whatever you choose, you need to spread the load evenly. It’s recommendable to use fast-draining, lightweight soil mix. In this way, the plants will not hold an excessive amount of water.

Another aspect you need to consider is wind. You should secure well your outdoors appliances and the plants. The height of the greenery should also comply with the local restrictions. Before making any updates on your rooftop, be sure your building is appropriate for such structure. You should also discuss it with your neighbours.

Not all plants can survive the specific conditions of your rooftop. Examine your environment. Is there full sunlight for at least six hours or is too shady? Do you live in a place with warmer climate or heavy rains? Your location plays a huge role in the success of your garden. Pick plants that are suitable for your environment. After covering all the basics, it’s time to look up some of the most trending design rooftops.

Design ideas

In order to build a functional garden that will reflect your needs, you should know how you are going to use the place. What is its purpose? Do you want to create a garden for purely aesthetical reasons? Or maybe gardening is your hobby?

An edible roof garden

If you are blessed with the green thumb, transform your rooftop into an edible garden. You will not only have a great outdoor space, but also fresh fruits and veggies at hand. All you need is big wooden containers and rich potting soil.

A rooftop garden for entertainment

A rooftop garden should not be all about gardening. This can be a great place to meet with friends and have fun. Turn your rooftop garden into an open-air cinema by using a blank wall and installing speakers. Throw some big pillows to make it comfortable and you will have the perfect place for your movie nights.

Relaxing ornamental roof garden

Combine elements from the interior decor with the natural beauty of your greenery to design a peaceful spot in the heart of the city. Your rooftop garden will surely become your favourite place for dinner parties and gatherings.

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