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EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care

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By Amy Drudge, Compost Queen
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EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care is the perfect Autumn lawn feed. It greens the grass and controls existing moss. Thanks to its seaweed extracts it also strengthens grass roots to help the lawn withstand harsh winter weather – including cold weather and waterlogging.  With the balance of nutrients designed for this time of year, this autumn treatment also ensures your lawn has the energy to spring back to life earlier in spring.

It is available in 3 sizes. The handy 3.5kg hand-held spreader pack is quick and easy to use and treats lawns up to 100 sq.m (120 sq.yd). There is a 3.5kg carton 100 sq.m (120 sq.yd), which can be used to refill the spreader pack, making it re-usable time and time again. The large 12.6kg bag treats up to 360 sq.m (432 sq.yd) and is the best choice for larger lawns.

How To Apply

Application By Hand

Apply at a maximum individual dose of 35g per square metre (1oz per sq yard).

For a visual guide to the correct rate, first spread the recommended amount over a small measured area.

Application By Spreader

It's best to use a spreader fro larger lawns, this will make the job quicker and give an even application.

If using a Scotts EvenGreen® Drop Spreader set the calibration dial to 6.

If using a Scotts EasyGreen® Rotary Spreader set the calibration dial to 27.

Owners of other spreaders, please contact the Scotts Garden Advisor on 01483 410210 - Option 2.

Tip - Make sure to re-calibrate your spreader after each seasons use, so after Spring and then after Autumn.  This will ensure your spreader is always distributing at the correct rate.

When To Use

Apply when the weather is fair, the soil moist and the grass dry and frost free.

EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care can be used around trees in the lawn, but avoid contact with the foliage.  Can be applied where bulbs are growing in the lawn, provided it is applied after all the bulb foliage has died down naturally.

Should not be applied to lawns less than 6 months old.

Can be applied from September to November.

Tip - Take a soft brush or leaf blower, and go over the lawn first thing in the morning, this will knock any droplets of water off the grass and stop the granules from sticking to them and causing scorch.

Any Other Advice


Avoid mowing the lawn 2-3 days before and after treatment. Do not use the first 4 mowings after treatment for mulching. They will be safe to use after being thoroughly composted for 6 months.


If no rain falls within 2 days, water the lawn thoroughly so that the lawn food starts to work.


Do not walk on the lawn until the product has been watered in, since moss killer can cause stubborn brown stains on clothes, paving slabs etc. Brush off immediately if accidentally spilt.

What About Children and Pets

Keep children and pets away while application is undertaken, they can then re-enter when the area has been watered-in and is 100% dry.

Tested For Success

EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care has been rigorously trialed and tested at our unique Research & Development facility here in the UK, where we have a vast lawn area to carryout multiple tests in different situations.  These range from wet grass to dry soil.

These results provides us with the knowledge to create Britain’s Best-Selling all-in-one Lawn Treatment.

EverGreen® Autumn 100m Spreader Pack

3.5Kg Spreader Pack

View Label (PDF) (519.74 KB)
EverGreen® Autumn 100m Carton

3.5Kg Carton

View Label (PDF) (529.4 KB)
EverGreen® Autumn 360m Bag

12.6Kg Bag

View Label (PDF) (456.09 KB)

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