How to make your houseplants happy

Make your houseplants feel at home with the right environment…

Houseplants are perfect to liven up the rooms of your home - the trouble is, they sometimes turn yellow or wilt, and you have no idea why. Follow the easy steps in this project and you’ll give your houseplants the best chance to stay green and healthy.

A healthy houseplant has the right combination of light, soil, and moisture. In other words, it lives in a place that’s just like home. A good tip is to make your plants comfortable by imitating their native environments. It’s worth researching where your houseplants come from and what makes them thrive.


Other Useful Items

  • Trowel
  • Moss, mulch or pebbles
  • Watering can

Step 1

Follow your plants’ changing watering needs. Plants vary their water needs over the seasons. When they’re actively growing, they need more water. Watch what your plant is doing and increase or decrease its water accordingly.

Step 2

For proper watering, think of your plant as a sponge. There’s no need to let your plant completely dry out before you flood it - that can be stressful. If you think of your plant as a sponge, you want to keep it moist enough to be able to get a drop or two of water with a gentle squeeze.

Step 3

Maintain moisture in your plant soil. Place a little moss, mulch, or even some pebbles around the base of your plants to retain moisture in the container. If your schedule is a little hectic, and watering becomes an issue, try using a moisture-retention soil.

Step 4

Need for feed. Feeding will produce bigger, lusher plants with more blooms. Ready to use plant food comes in ready to use convenience so there’s no mixing, measuring or mistakes!

Step 5

Keep clear of bugs. As with all plants, houseplants can be attacked by a range of bugs. Use the latest insecticide in plant care, which works by hitting existing pests and protecting against new attack to create stronger-resistant plants.

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