How to water a lawn

Watering lawns is essential as unless you have regular rain to replace the moisture that grass draws from the soil your grass will begin to die. Grass can survive a couple of weeks without rain, but after this period you will notice symptoms of stress. The grass may turn silvery blue and turf will look flat as the grass wilts and loses its natural springy nature.

To avoid these problems, here’s what to do…

Prick The Surface

If the lawn is baked hard then water will tend to run off the surface rather than soak into the soil. To prevent this from happening to prick the surface all over with a garden fork. New lawns should be aerated more often as they have a less matured root system, aerating helps this develop and grow. We would recommend you aerate your lawn twice a year for a new non-established lawn. Aerating your lawn depending on your soil types is important, for lawns with hard or clay soil should be aerated once a year as they have more difficulty getting air and water to the roots. For all other types of soil and lawn, you should aerate at least every 3 years, but more frequently if the grass is looking unhealthy or not growing well.

Keep To The Law

How to water a lawn

Hosepipe bans restrict watering potential, even if you are not metered. Stay within the law as fines can be heavy. Resourceful gardeners have water butts to store rainwater and use bathwater and other waste sources to Water the lawns and keep them looking lush and green.

Water Thoroughly

During drought water the lawn thoroughly once a week rather than giving light sprinklings every day. Water at a cool time of the day, either late at night or early morning. An easy way to ensure larger lawns have been thoroughly watered is to use a sprinkler system.

Adding Nutrients While Watering

EverGreen liquid and soluble lawn care products that feed, weed or kill moss can be added to your watering can and applied at the same time as you water your lawn. As they are diluted with water, EverGreen lawn foods get to work quickly. For example, when the weather is fair and the soil is moist, EverGreen Complete Soluble will make the grass richer and greener the day after application.

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