Miracle-Gro® EverGreen® Fast Green


Miracle-Gro® EverGreen® Fast Green

Main product features
Encourages stronger root development
Encourages stronger root development
Thicker lawn
Thicker lawn
Child and pet friendly
Child and pet friendly

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Fast Green guarantees a superior deeper greening in just 3 days. It is a dual action lawn food with added iron supplement and helps build a thick lawn with stronger roots. Children and pet friendly.

Pack Sizes
2.8kg carton, 7kg bag, 14kg bag, 2.8kg spreader
When to use


Instructions may vary according to pack size.

2.8kg spreader

  1. Press down the yellow spout and slide back the green overcap.

  2. Flip over the spout.

  3. Walking at a brisk pace of 1.5m/second, invert the dispenser so that the spout points towards the ground and the granules flow freely.  Maintain the spout at a comfortable height off the ground (at least 45cm).  Spread across the lawn area in even strips.  Avoid overlapping.  When you stop walking raise the spout to stop the flow of granules.  Maximum individual dose: 35g of product per square metre (1oz per square yard).

For a visual guide to the correct application rate, first spread the recommended amount over a small measured area.  Areas for treatment much be marked out to ensure an even applicaiton.

Children and pets need not be kept out of the treated area.



Suitable for established lawns,



Re-application is every 6 weeks.



NPK 16-0-5 + 2% iron.



Ferrous Sulphate can cause brown stains on clothes, paving slabs etc. Water product in before walking on the lawn to avoid staining. Brush off immediately if spilt.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Do I need to add any fertiliser to the grass seed?

Quite often there is enough residual fertility in the soil to help the young grass plants grow. Do not use strong fertilisers weed and moss killers for 24 weeks after sowing seed as young grass plants are tender and might be harmed.


Can I use my Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader to sow the seed?

Yes, use setting 18 and go over the lawn 3 times at different angles. For settings with our other spreaders and grass seeds go to https://www.lovethegarden.com/advice/lawn-care/tools/lawn-spreader-sett….


When can I expect to see the shoots coming up?

In ideal conditions germination starts in 4 days with a small root and shoot (grass blade). If the soil is cooler germination might take longer, maybe up to 28 days.


Why is it called Fast Grass?

Due to the special seed blend, germination is quick and can be expected in just 4 days under ideal conditions. The special Coating holds nutrients that stimulate the seed to develop and grow.


When is the best time to sow grass seed?

Grass seeds need a high enough soil temperature in order to germinate, so wait until all frosts have passed and we are starting to see much warmer night temperatures. Usually between March and September. Avoid sowing grass in very hot and dry conditions; equally avoid cold conditions to get the best results.


What is the coverage?

The coverage per each pack size is as follows: - 450 g carton = 15 m² - 2.4 kg carton = 80 m² - 6 kg bag = 200 m²

Health and Safety

Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use. For further information relating to product safety please review the product data safety sheet link below.

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