DIY Christmas ideas from the garden

This time of year inspires most to decorate their house for the Christmas season. But most will not think to use what it is in their garden. For an alternative and cheaper way to decorate your house this year, or perhaps getting gifts for loved ones, we have put together a few DIY Christmas gift ideas from the garden to give Christmas.

Terracotta Snowman

Even if it doesn’t snow this Christmas, it won’t stop you having your very own snowman. This is a great way to make use of those garden pots. This snowman is very easy to make and you won’t need your gloves, just a little bit of paint and possibly some hilarious accessories. Scarf and hat would be a must here.

Garden Twiggy Wreath

Let’s be honest, making your own Christmas wreath is a lot more satisfying than just buying one already made, and it is a fun DIY Christmas gift idea. Simply collect up twigs, leaves, moss and pinecones from your garden throughout the year. If you have ivy, conifers and holly in your garden then even better! You can use two wire coat hangers as the base, then build your wreath with the help of floral tape.

Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree

If you have some wooden pallets lying around in the garden that you just haven’t been able to find a use for, why not create your very own wooden Christmas tree. All you will need is a saw, power drill and some screws. I would suggest going to the 3-D look. You can even add the tree decorations that you would usually add to your regular Christmas tree.

Wooden Log Decorations

If you have a number of logs in your back garden, then this is the perfect DIY Christmas gift for you. Why not use a couple of those logs to either use as a centrepiece for Christmas dinner or to set down on the mantelpiece. You could even carve a Christmas related greeting into the log. You can even use the logs as luminaries but make sure to use artificial lighting for these logs!

Twiggy Christmas Tree Stars

Again you will have to collect some twigs from the garden. This time you will be looking to create little stars for your Christmas tree. Will take a little bit of skill and precise glueing! Alternatively, you can make little snowflakes for your tree.

Mistletoe And Pine Cone Christmas Lights

Pine cones are the ideal decoration for your tree or anywhere in the house around Christmas time. You can add these to your wreath or decorate your mantelpiece or dining table. You can paint or use fake snow on your pinecones too. Try adding pine cones and mistletoe to a wreath style frame and wrapping some lights around them for the ultimate effect.

Pot Decoration

Use one of your small flower pots and fill with wood from your garden along with other shrubbery berries or even moss. Add some pine to the design to top off the Christmassy look.

Clothes Peg Snowflakes

For this, you can either use plastic or wooden clothes pegs to create these snowflakes to hang either inside or outside your house. All you will need to do is glue the pegs together for easy yet distinctive decoration. If you have white clothes pegs, then that would be best but it’s nothing that paint can’t fix!

Wooden Sleigh

You may have already made your wooden pallet Christmas tree but have you still got a lot of unused wood? If you have any wooden fence panels that you have taken down or even some wood from the old shed, then why not transform your unused wood into your own wooden sleigh? This can either be used as a sleigh to ride or perhaps as a prop by the Christmas tree to store all of the presents.

Holly And Berries

When you think of Christmas you won’t have to go too long without thinking of holly. The traditional holly and berries are the stereotypical decoration for this time of year. Why not gather holly and berries from your garden? You can add these to your doorways and window frames to really give your house the traditional Christmas look.

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