Garden furniture: add the finishing touch to your garden

Garden furniture can add the final touch to your perfect garden layout. They can be used to create an interesting focal point, a beautiful walkway, an artistic floral centrepiece or an ideal place to relax with family and friends.

So if you've transformed your garden but feel there is still something missing, why not use some of the following for inspiration:


A Pergola is a wooden or metal structure, with raised beams that support an arched or flat trellis roof.

There are different varieties of Pergola, including single, double and corner pergolas. The type required will depend on the space available and the desired look.


These are great to use as dividers in the garden. Whether you want to separate the patio from the lawn or create a section for compost and garden waste without it being seen, a single pergola provides an efficient screen.


These can be made in any size and are great for creating areas of shade, which can be to cover a garden path to form a walkway, combined with decking for a sunbathing and dining area or even to provide the ideal conditions for growing certain plants.


Similar to the above, corner pergola can be useful in many ways. It can even become a social feature with a barbeque, a bar or perhaps for the summer days, a jacuzzi.

All forms of pergola can be personalised to taste and can also be combined with climbing plants to complete the look and feel of the area.


An Arbour is essentially a covered seat, which can look like an open-fronted summer house. They are normally made from wood or metal and have similar properties to pergolas.

They can be created with a single or corner bench seat, with either a solid or lattice, flat or curved roof. Climbing plants can be grown around it, with flowers in pots at the base to give a natural feel.

Wooden, bamboo or metal frames

These are typically wooden, bamboo or metal frames. Both can be used as dividing screens, fences, fence toppers or supports for climbing plants, and can be free-standing or attached to walls and decking.


A Trellis is a flat vertical structure with horizontal crossbars, which is more commonly used to support climbing plants and can allow vining vegetables to grow vertically instead of horizontally.


A Lattice is a similar structure to a trellis, which is made up of strips of material fastened together to form a panel, with diamond-shaped spaces.

These are great for providing privacy in a garden, without completely eliminating light and fresh air from the area.


These can be any shape, size or style and can transform any garden. The reflective aspect can give the illusion of additional light and space and can create a focal point within the garden.

You can even recycle a household mirror by treating it for protection against the elements or make one using acrylic mirror sheets.


Garden benches can be made from wood, metal, stone or a combination of each. Whether you prefer the rustic, antique look or an ultra-modern one, intricate or simple, there are benches for every theme.

Garden furniture: add the finishing touch to your garden


Rattan furniture sets are created using either natural rattan palms or synthetic rattan, which are woven tightly together.

These stylish sets have a vast variety of items to complete any garden, including sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, sun loungers, daybeds, stools and chairs.

Depending on how adventurous you are, many of the above ideas can be made from scratch and painted and embellished to taste.

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