How to create some more garden space - upwards!

Outside space is precious to everyone, but all too often we don’t have enough, or what we do have is overrun by kids toys, pets or used for parking. So to reclaim a little cornerback for yourself why not try ‘vertical gardening’.

Even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed with a little vertical gardening. The sky really is the limit, as you’ll be gardening upwards and not at ground level. We’ve used an old step-ladder to dress up a dingy corner but you could easily use hanging baskets, a trellis or pots on walls or fence posts.

What you need

Other useful items

  • Garden string/wire
  • Gardening gloves
  • Trowel
  • Watering can or hose

Step 1

March to October: Pick a corner on your patio that could do with brightening up a bit, and think about ways in which you can start gardening upwards.

Step 2

If there’s any mould, moss or algae on the paving, clean it up with Patio Magic!. Applied through a watering can it shows effects in 3 to 4 days and goes on working for months.

Step 3

Next, place a layer of gravel or broken pots at the bottom of your chosen containers for drainage, then add some enriched compost, which is suitable for outdoor use. Place the root ball of your plant onto this layer and fill around with more compost.

Step 4

Plant up a selection of container type plants, including plenty of trailing ones such as ivy, fuchsia or geraniums. Experiment with different colour schemes, and try grouping different sizes together for a more relaxed feel.

Step 5

Place one of the pots on each of the steps of the ladder, or at different heights within your chosen area, with the trailing varieties towards the top.

Step 6

Maintain by feeding regularly with a LiquaFeed. Or, if you want to feed and keep pests at bay, use BugClear Ultra Gun!, once the plants are established.

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