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a field of bloomed dahlias
Fun & Facts
If you are a novice or an expert at identifying flowers, you will enjoy our fun little quiz we have put together for you! It is simple to take; you will be...
Floral Wellies Next to Flower Bed
Fun & Facts
We have put together a really fun quiz to test your knowledge of flowers. Let us know how you did in the comments. Good luck!
A Field of Wild Flowers
Fun & Facts
We have put together a really fun quiz to test what flower your personality most suits. Good luck!
Gardening-Equipment-and Pots
Fun & Facts
In the UK, there are around 27 million people who partake in gardening. This is a huge portion of the 64 million that currently reside in this country. In 2014...
4 Golden Retrievers in a Field
Fun & Facts
Are you harming your dog? Of course not, you’re probably shouting at the screen your dog is part of the family! But there are many common fruit and vegetables...
Hoe being used for weeding in vegetable bed
Fun & Facts
There are many different terms and phrases in horticulture that you pick up in your years in the garden. Some of which just doesn't make sense! If you are one...
Teaching a child to garden
Fun & Facts
Do you have any grandkids that you really want to teach gardening to? If that is the case, then you may use this opportunity to make it so. Although there may...
Herbs & Spices World Map
Fun & Facts
Recently we debunked a number of myths about herbs , and we got to thinking. Just where in the world do all the amazing herbs we use come from? Have a look...
A collection of kitchen herbs
Fun & Facts
Herbs throughout history have been associated with legends, folklore and mythology, and more recently with medicinal and culinary uses. But you can’t always...
The bird chatter quiz
Fun & Facts
How well do you know your bird watching lingo? We have put together a little quiz to see how well you would do when conversing with the seasoned twitchers out...
A stunning garden
Fun & Facts
If you are looking for a little inspiration this year as you plan your garden and your planting, what better place to start, than by having a delve into some...
Bird watching wallpaper
Fun & Facts
With the Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 approaching, it is a perfect time to hone our birdwatching skills! Take our quiz below and see if you can tell which each...
Attracting garden birds
Fun & Facts
To complement our guide on How to Attracting Birds into Your Garden , here's a useful infographic to show you where to place different feeders in your garden,...
A red squirrel
Fun & Facts
So when did you last see a red squirrel and where were you? Or perhaps you’ve never seen one. There are only about 140,000 red squirrels left in Great Britain...
Grey squirrel in winter
Fun & Facts
Many of us assume that because we simply don’t see many squirrels around in the coldest winter months that they must be hibernating, much like other common...
A selection of vegetables.
Fun & Facts
There are many weird, wonderful and wacky vegetables out there, so if you’re not too enticed by the standard selection , why not try a few of these new ideas...

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