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Organisms Named After Celebrities

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By Stephen Dalton, Digital Expert
Organisms named after celebrities

Humanity has had a life-long obsession with naming things we find after ourselves, ranging from planets and stars to plants and animals. And understandably so - if you were to discover something new why wouldn’t you want to put your name on it?

However, more recently scientists have started naming creatures after people that have absolutely nothing to do with them or their discovery.

From a beetle with biceps like the ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to a fly with the golden behind of Beyoncé, we have put together an infographic of some creatures and plants named after various celebrities and fictional characters. Some in honour of the contributions that person has made, and others because they bear a remarkable resemblance to them. 

So take a look below, do you have any famous celebrity creatures living in your garden?

Organisms named after celebrities


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