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26 Amazing Balcony Gardens

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By Jade Thomas, Wildlife Lover
Glass Balcony

Even the smallest of balconies can be transformed into a beautiful place to relax. This can easily be done using a variety of plants and flowers, miniature ponds, garden furniture and fairy lights.

Hanging baskets and pots designed for fastening onto balcony railings are perfect to get you started. Bamboo can also be used to create additional privacy.

For those that enjoy growing their own vegetables but have a very limited space, a vertical herb garden could be ideal, with trellis and climbing plants.

Whether you want a contemporary, modern, rustic or flower filled garden, the following stunning balconies should give you some inspiration, with ideas for even the smallest of juliets. 

1. Incredible Water Feature 

If you are looking for something very spectacular, take a look at this japanese style balcony with incredible water features. 

Japanese Style Water Features
Image Credit: Home Remodels


2. Huge Floral Display

This sure would be aesthetically pleasing! Why not make the most of your space with an awesome floral display. 

Huge Floral Display on Balcony
Image Credit: Woohome


3. Floral Window Boxes

Only have a little space to play with? A floral window box would be ideal to display some colour on your smaller balcony. 

Window Boxes on Small Balconies
Image Credit: London Planters


4. Funky Comfy Balcony 

Have you thought about some comfy furniture for the balcony area? Recharge the batteries with some down time in this idyllic chill-out spot. 

Funky Comfy Chill out Furniture
Image Credit: Furniture Hawk


5. Symmetrical Floral Balcony

If you have a long balcony space that covers the whole width of your home. Make a beautiful symmetrical floral display that shows a real touch of style. 

Symmetrical Floral Display
Image Credit: Nola Daily Photo


6. Pot Plants on the Balcony

Potted plants add a lovely touch of homeliness to your balcony, and are usually relatively inexpensive. 

Pot Plants on the Balcony
Image Credit: HGTV


7. Contemporary Corner Sofa

Another choice of seating here, this could be perfect for smart modern balcony style. 

Contemporary Corner Sofa
Image Credit: Homesthetics


8. Plant Paradise 

Create an mini plant haven with a chilled out area with potted plants surrounding you. 

Plant Paradise
Image Credit: Balcony Garden Web


9. Hanging Baskets on the Balcony

Hanging baskets create a great floral display wheerever they are, but try using hanging baskets on your balcony. 

Hanging Baskets on the Balcony


10. Stylish Gravel Balcony

Gravel with stepping stones will give you a unique edge with your balcony. Get some modern furniture to top the look off! 

Stylish Gravel Balcony


11. Unique Plants and Decor

Look at designing something a little different, perhaps with bamboo shades and some quirky tropical plants. 

Unique Plants with Wooden Decor
Image Credit: Cuded


12. Colour Coordinated Flowers

Lok to colour coordinate your floral display on your balcony to complement your balcony theme. 

Colour Coordinated Balcony


13. Overflowing Floral Balcony 

Hour flowers pouring over the sides of the balcony. Great for our endangered bees and pleasing on the eye too! 

Flowers Pouring Over the Side of the Balcony
Images Credit: David Domoney


14. Lattis/Trellis Wall Fencing

Lattis or Trellis fencing would fit in with a lovely relaxed style of balcony. Perfect look to fit in with those lazy sunny days on the balcony. 

Lattis Fencing on the Wall.


15. Multiple Balcony Design

You may have multiple balconies to work with. Check out this use of full width balcony space. 

Multiple Balcony Design
Image Credit: Amazing Interior Design


16. Balcony Pond 

A balcony pond and decking would be the talk of your house guests. Make an impression with something similar to this design.

Balcony Pond and Decking
Image Credit: Kris Allen Daily


17. Vertical Plants On the Wall

Perhaps some planting in a wall unit may work in your garden. Take a look at this design. 

Wall Plant Garden
Image Credit: Yuppie Chef


18. Ultimate City Greenspace

Your little piece of greenery would never be too far away with this idea! 

Ultimate City Greenspace
Image Credit: Minimalisti 


19. Mixed Floral Displays

Change up your floral display and mix the colours and varieties of plants on your balcony up! 

Mixed Floral Displays
Image Credit: Home Ideas Mag


20. Rustic Balcony 

Have you got a rustic balcony area which you want to make the most of. This look has a definite mediterranean feel about it. 

Rustic Balcony Design
Image Credit: Avso


21. Futuristic Minimalist Balcony

This is something a little different. A minimalist balcony would be perfect for those that are a little time-poor and simply want to enjoy some time on the balcony in its purest form. 

Futuristic Minimalist Balcony
Image Credit: Huz Name


22. Outdoor Tanning Zone

Ok, this may be a little risky, what with the indifferent summers we have each year. But why not make the most of those sunny days we do get over here! 

Outdoor Tanning Zone
Image Credit: Design-Picture



23. Outdoor Balcony Pool

Now this may be one for the lottery winners. But if you have the money and sapce available, then this would be an incredible balcony addition! 

Balcony Pool
Image Credit: We Do NYC


24. Glass Balcony

If you have a sensational view that you want to make the most of, then this design is definitely for you.

Glass Balcony
Image Credit: Harrison's Landscaping


25. Flower Beds on the Balcony

Container flower beds would be ideal for those short on space but have containers perfect for flower bed gardening

Flower Bed Containers on the Balcony
Image Credit: Danielle Levy Nutrition


26. Social Haven

Create a social space that is the envy of  your guests, and what better way to socialise than by getting your friends round for a summer barbecue

Social Haven
Image Credit: Dolphin Shores


Have you got your own ideas for a balcony garden project? Or perhaps you want to show off your balcony? Get in touch with us via our social media sites, or alternatively leave a comment below! 




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