Welcome Autumn Into Your Garden

Cosy up to your garden this autumn

As autumn comes to our gardens, we don’t see it as the beginning of winter but instead a celebration at the end of summer. With the changing leaves comes the harvest, and new colours emerge alongside chillier nights that encourage us to cosy together around a warm fire.

Find out how you can bring autumn into your garden in creative ways, giving you somewhere to spend moments with close family and friends - whether toasting marshmallows, enjoying hot chocolate or simply being with people you love.

Toasty toes. Cosy fires. Warm, woolly blankets and hearty meals.

There are so many things to love about autumn, and you can bring it into your garden this season. Autumn is so often seen as 'the end of the season' but we believe that it's just the evening of summer's sunny afternoon. It's a great time of year to sit together with the people you love, enjoying the changing colours of the season and sharing meals, drinks and laughter.

You might have heard of the Danish word ‘hygge’ – all about spending time in comfortable places, relaxing with the people you love. Whether that's around a fire, or a dinner table, or lying on the grass. That's our inspiration for autumn – bringing hygge into your garden.

Autumn Garden Tip 1

How to care for your lawn this season

Autumn gardening tip 1

To keep your lawn healthy over the winter and ready for the spring, it’s best to give it some treatments in autumn. You can still enjoy your lawn this season with family and games, but here is a quick guide to help it stay green and happy for the cooling seasons.

Autumn Garden Tip 2

5 ways to make your garden cosy

Autumn gardening tip 2

Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up together in front of a fire. No matter what outside space you’re working with, you can always find ways to make it comfy and a great place to be. We’ve got 5 top tips for you – for all garden types.

Autumn Garden Tip 3

3 glorious recipes for the harvest season

Autumn gardening tip 3

This time of year is known as the harvest season for a reason - take a look at these three gorgeous recipes that bring a little bit of the season into your kitchen - and they taste even better when they're homegrown.