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Garden Birds & Wildlife Care

Painted Lady

When you think of butterflies, you tend to think of long lazy summer days, floral gardens and idyllic sunshine.

A hen harrier British bird of prey

Have you spotted a bird of prey near where you live recently? And if you have, were you able to tell which bird it was?

Small birds singing in the woods.

After such a well-documented, incredibly mild and very soggy start to winter, finally we’re due a cold snap.

A blue tit using a bird nest box

The location, size of nest box and size of entrance are all factors that will determine whether or not birds will be attracted to your garden and make a home in your nest

Birds on Feeding Station

Feeding birds isn't just about scattering a few crumbs on the ground and hoping for the best. To attract different types of birds to your garden, you'll need a variety of feeding devices and foods as different birds feed in different ways. A table, a hanging feeder, a ground feeder, nuts, seeds, grains whichever you choose will determine which types of birds will visit.

Grey Squirrel in winter.

Whilst some of us like to see squirrels bounding around the parks, most of us are not so happy to see them in our own garden, or even worse the house.

Close up of Squirrel in the grass

Squirrels scurrying around the garden with bushy tails twitching can be a delightful sight. Or it can be the source of great ire and frustration.

Group of blue tits on a feeding station

There is nothing more stress relieving than sitting at a window watching the antics of our feathered friends as they forage for food, preen their feathers or chatter among themselves.  Birds don’t have to have a garden in which to make a happy home.

A Robin in Winter

Survival for birds can be challenging at any time of year, but in particular during the cold winter months. Small birds especially struggle due to having a large surface area and comparably small volume.

A bird feeding from a garden bird feeder

Location and species are both very important factors in determining what food a bird eats, and they are just some of the things to consider when attracting birds to your gard

Hedgehog on the Lawn

As you spend more time working outside, it's not unusual to find yourself becoming more aware of just how full of wildlife your garden is. Suddenly you're noticing the tiny creatures in the soil and thinking of your own planting as part of an ecosystem.

Hedgehog Eating Mealworms

Hedgehogs will feed quite well from an average garden, find out what they eat, what they shouldn't eat and what you can leave out in your garden for feeding hedgehogs in your garden

Hedgehog Hibernating In Woods

Many animals hibernate in the winter including hedgehogs, knowing where they hibernate and why is key to understanding their needs

Example of a homemade bird feeder

Creating your very own bird feeder to assist our feathered friends and brighten up your garden couldn’t be simple


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