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Growing Flowers & Shrubs


Poppies are beautiful flowering plants that can create an attractive and vibrant border or display in your garden.

Pink rose in bloom close up

Roses are among our favourite garden plants – and deservedly so. They are versatile, produce vibrant colour all summer long and well into autumn or even winter, and many are deliciously scented.

Close up of a Wisteria tree in bloom (purple)

Wisteria, what a mesmerizing beauty. Gorgeous pendulous blooms trembling in the breeze, wafting a heady perfume as you pass below a cascade of bright green leaves. Or a woody mass of foliage as tightly knotted as a ball of wool after a kitten has been playing with it. To ensure that your Wisteria is a bounteous bloomer you will need to master the art of regular pruning.

Success with Sunflowers

According to the Home and Garden Association it is the year of the Sunflower, so we thought we would give you some more key information about this wonderful plant, how to grow it and

Planting and Growing Bulbs

All bulbs and bulbous plants provide fabulous garden colour and are among the easiest plants to grow and look after.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Compost

Adding compost or a soil improver helps to provide the right growing conditions, which will ensure you achieve bigger and healthier results. Find out how to choose the right compost for you.

Winter Flowering Plants

Is your garden looking a little bit dreary in the winter months? Why not freshen it upwith some winter florals such as pansies and snapdragons?  Winter doesn’t need to mean dull and drab.

Pruning Roses: When to Make the Cut

Knowing when to prune roses is has to be one of the most common gardening quandaries of all time. To some less experienced gardeners it might seem unimportant when you decide to make that cut, and indeed, where. However, the moment you choose to prune your roses can be the difference between a healthy long lasting plant that produces multiple buds and flowers, and one that might not last the winter.

Protecting Your Plants Over Winter

We grow a wide range of plants in our gardens - from plants that are fully hardy and able to withstand all manner of freezing cold winter weather to those that need full frost protection.

The Urban Gardening Guide

There are many benefits of living in an urban area, but gardeners often feel they get a raw deal. A common perception is that the average inner-city green space is either too limited or non-existent, and probably not worth nurturing.

Keep summer plants flowering

A colourful garden can lift our spirits and make us feel so much happier. A little regular care and attention throughout the summer will ensure your summer displays look fabulous and continue to give months of pleasure throughout the summer and well into autumn.

Hardy annuals

Hardy annuals are the perfect way of creating colourful summer borders quickly and easily. You simply sow the seeds where you want the plants to flower, with no need for germinating indoors in pots with heat.

Growing herbaceous perennials

Herbaceous perennials are the mainstay of beds and borders, providing great splashes of colour, along with form and structure.

Garden Beds and Borders

Dig a hole and just put in the plant roots? To ensure plants establish quickly, grow properly and live a long time, you need to take a little more time and effort than that when planting up your beds and borders.

Drought-resisting plants

To make the most of dry conditions in your garden, you can plant a selection of drought-resisting plants. The following is a list of plants that are drought-resisting and can survive dry conditions.

Do you worry if you're using the right compost for growing flowers and shrubs, or pruning at the right time of year? Not too worry, our experts have got it covered!


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