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Growing Flowers & Shrubs

Vertical gardening

Outside space is precious to everyone, but all too often we don’t have enough, or what we do have is overrun by kids toys, pets or used for parking. So to reclaim a little corner back for yourself why not try ‘vertical gardening’.


When mulching your garden, understanding your soil and its needs is the key to gardening success. Soil acts as an anchor for plant roots and holds air, water and plant nutrients which are essential for continued plant growth. Mulching your garden helps trap valuable moisture in your soil improving the availablity uptake of nutrients and also preventing weed growth.

flowers along a border

Not many of us are naturally blessed with a good rich loam soil that is ideal for growing all plants. Luckily, if you have a poor soil, it is reasonably easy to improve it, so that nearly all plants will thrive.

Feeding border plants

In humans the difference between sufficient food and not enough is all too apparent. The body uses up any energy reserves, losing weight and becoming painfully thin. Plants, just like humans, need a balanced diet of nutrients to grow to their maximum potential.

Commn Flower Problems

Aphids are the most common of all pests and almost every plant from the smallest shrub to the tallest oak tree can be infested. Find out the other top common flower probles below...

Do you worry if you're using the right compost for growing flowers and shrubs, or pruning at the right time of year? Not too worry, our experts have got it covered!


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