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Lawn Care Tools

A Lawn Aerator Up Close

Aerating your lawn can give it the extra help it needs to grow thicker and deeper rooted grass which would otherwise not be possible.

Collection of tools for lawn care

A beautiful lawn makes any garden look fantastic, but it doesn't happen without a bit of effort. Here are some essential tools for your garden maintenance program.

An Evergreen Lawn Spreader

Use our easy-to-use spreader settings table to set Scotts® and EverGreen® spreaders  correctly when using our products.

Lawn Spreader Being Pushed Across Grass

To ensure perfect results on your lawn, it is essential that granular lawn care products are applied evenly and accurately over the whole lawn. If not, there is the chance of under-application and, even worse, over-application, which can lead to burning and damage to the grass.

Close-up View of a Lawn Mower

Lawns are one of the most intensive and time consuming areas of maintenance in a garden, but the rewards of a well kept lawn are great.

From aerators to scarifiers. Read up on the list of tools you need to carry our your lawn maintenance and what they do.


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