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monstera deliciosa

monstera deliciosa

Asked 1 year 4 months ago by jacinta.bri

Hi there.
Bit of a indoor plant newbie and I'm concerned about my monstera.
Im concerned about watering and light positioning.
Its in a bright corner, in a airy room and watering its soil and misting the leaves.
however, I'm concerned that i may be watering too much or too little as the leaves (since i bought it) look dry even though they are a nice dark green with no signs of yellowing.

i also need to repot if from its original pot, i have a glazed clay planter that is significantly bigger - will this help to promote growth?




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Amy Drudge

How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa

Posted 26 Feb 2016

Hi Jacinta.bri,

This plant enjoys being placed in a bright room but out of direct sunlight with moderate to high humidity.

Water well in the growing season but let the compost in the top few centimetres dry out slightly between watering. Mist frequently to help with the humidity.  You can give a liquid feed every month or so over the growing season.

When you repot, use a peat-based compost and put some pot crocks at the bottom to aid with drainage, having a bigger pot will help the plant to grow.

If the leaves start going yellow and they're wilting, it's possible your over-watering, but if you know this is not the case, it could mean the it needs a feed.

If the leaf tips and edges start turning brown this will be due to low humidity, which is caused by dry air, so give the plant a mist every few days to pick it back up.

Kind Regards


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