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Sunday Lawn - The Gardening Game

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By Hannah Gransden, Seasonal Pro
Snapshot of the Sunday Lawn Game

The game

We have spoken before about gadgets vs the garden but now there is a combination of both! Sunday Lawn is game aimed at people of all ages that was developed by Donut Games. Donut Games is a company that makes enjoyable games for PC, Android and iPhone. The aim of the game in Sunday Lawn is to mow grass whilst trying to avoid objects that may get in your way. You may have to avoid a hedgehog, or a barking dog and the do-dos he leaves on your freshly mown lawn! In essence this is like the gardeners version of Pacman, except you control a little gardener called Charlie.


Different Modes

There are 3 different modes in Sunday Lawn when you buy the paid version, which costs £0.69 from the app store, or £1.29 for Windows. Each of these modes varies in terms of the things that you can do and the degree of difficulty.


Challenge Mode

In challenge mode, the object of the game is to complete individual challenges, one at a time. Naturally the challenges start small, but as you move through the stages the challenges become increasingly difficult and require a little patience and thought to navigate your way around the maze-like lawns. Some of the challenges include things like mowing the lawn in one go (without going back over any of your already mown grass).


Arcade Mode

This has all the difficulties of the challenge mode in it with added frustration! There are 8 levels in total, but if you fail at any attempt you must start back at level 1. It is a classic arcade style mode where the aim is to gain as high score as possible by completing each level in the most efficient way possible, for example the two main criteria for a high score is the length of grass mowed without stopping or going back previously mowed areas, and the amount of time it takes you to finish mowing the lawn.


Sweet Dreams

This is a little mini game that is very simple but very addictive! The aim of the game is to make the sheep jump over the fences in Charlie’s dreams. There are 3 rows of fences which you make each row of sheep jump using either up (top row), left or right (middle row), or down (bottom row).

Sunday Lawn Sweet Dreams Mode


Top Tips

If you want to become a Sunday Lawn pro then you can follow these simple steps to master the art of mowing lawns with Charlie:

  1. Stop and think when you are up against a wall. When you reach a wall and have not yet pressed a directional button, Charlie will remain static. This gives you valuable time to assess the best route around the garden to get the most points.
  2. Don’t stop in the path of any hedgehogs or guard dogs. Think about where the safest places to make Charlie stop in the garden to plan your next move.
  3. Study the movements of the hedgehogs and dogs, they will always move in the same pattern, so you can plan the best way around them at the right time.


Sunday Lawn: The Seasons

Sunday Lawn Winter Season

Image Credit: Inside Mobile Apps


Donut Games have released a new version of Sunday Lawn which is a nice twist on the original game. You can now tend to your garden in three extra seasons of the year – autumn, winter and spring. The concept of the game is very much the same thing but the weather is different and the tool for the job is also different. For example, in winter Charlie uses a snow shovel to clear the snow, and in autumn he uses a leaf vacuum to clear the leaves. We’ll let you find out for yourselves what he uses in the spring season by downloading the game from the app store.


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