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Venus Fly Traps
Fun & Facts
For most people, the closest they ever get to a dangerous plant is a cacti or a stinging nettle. They can both be very painful but neither are particularly...
Plant Cells in a Microscope
Fun & Facts
A plants' basic requirements aren't so different from a humans' requirements. Like us, they need food for energy . And like us, they need water to stay...
Red Rose Bush in the Garden
Fun & Facts
Flowers are one of the most symbolic objects in modern and ancient times. We recently wrote about the poppy and its symbolisation of Remembrance Day , and we...
Snapshot of the Sunday Lawn Game
Fun & Facts
The game We have spoken before about gadgets vs the garden but now there is a combination of both! Sunday Lawn is game aimed at people of all ages that was...
Close up of Fruit in a Basket
Fun & Facts
By eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables we can bolster our natural defences against, and reduce our risk of, contracting some diseases including cancers...
Honey Fungus on Roots
Fun & Facts
Following on from last month's announcement of the top 10 pests, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced its Top 10 Garden Diseases. This list is...
grow your own infographic header
Fun & Facts
Growing your own fruit and vegetables is becoming more and more popular in the UK. There is encouraging evidence that the trend is becoming less of a novelty...
flaming hot chilli pepper
Fun & Facts
We’ve put together some of the hottest chillis on the Scoville Scale, along with a few tips for growing chillis at home, in our ‘Hotter Than The Sun’...

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