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Incredible Edibles

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)

This year, Sylvia Hovell, a member of the Ware In Bloom volunteer group, decided to launch a pilot scheme called Incredible Edibles for the annual Ware In Bloom entry. She asked if we could help.

Some of the Ware In Bloom Incredible Edibles entriesThe Incredible Edible Challenge was for local schools, beaver, cub, brownie and nursery school children under 11 years of age to grow their own vegetables. In total, 11 groups took part.

Sylvia wanted the project to be self-funding if possible, and organised the making of the 90cm (3ft) square raised beds through their partnership with Hertfordshire Youth Justice Service. Each group was given a raised bed and vegetable seeds bought in sales. The only problem was - what to fill the beds with? So Sylvia contacted us and we donated a pallet load of Miracle-Gro Gro Your Own compost.

Great success

The project has been a great success. A member of the local allotment society helped with providing a sheet of Growing Tips and did the final judging. Each group was awarded a certificate of either Gold, Silver-Gilt or Silver certificates for their efforts. The certificates, plus Van Hage Garden Centre vouchers, were donated by the local allotment society, and a representative from Van Hage came to the presentation evening with goodie bags for each group. The awards evening was for the allotment holder winners, so the new generation of growers rubbed shoulders with the older ones.

The Incredible Edible Challenge helped Ware In Bloom win Gold for their entry to Anglia In Bloom.

Thank you

Sylvia said: "On the day the compost was delivered I was really excited as I knew this meant the project would soon be launched. I cannot thank Scotts Miracle-Gro enough for their tremendous generosity as, quite frankly, it was the saviour of the project. The children were amazed, excited and surprised by their own efforts which, at the end of the day, made it all worthwhile. We will be repeating it again next year - I already have 2 new entries!"


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