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Self sufficiency in the garden

broad beans

Jumping beans, magic beans, happy beans - the nutrient packed broad (or fava) bean can be all of these things (although the magic claim may be a little dubious). As a bonus broad beans are relatively easy to grow at home and once harvested can be frozen to enjoy all year round. Here is our guide on how to grow your own broad beans.

Mixture of Red and Green Sweet Peppers

The process for growing peppers is very similar to how you would grow chilli peppers (obviously) and more surprisingly, aubergines.

They are remarkably easy to grow and have been more commonly grown in the Mediterranean nations due to the warmer climate.

The Seasonal Vegetable Planner

Want to grow your own vegetables, but don't know when to start sowing and harvesting your crops? Then here's our handy Guide to Sowing & Harvesting Vegetables.

Image of a tea cup made from tea leaves

Processing the harvested tea leaves you've grown will determine how strongly flavoured your tea will be, whether it is a softly spoken green tea or a full on builders brew. Producing Green Tea involves the simplest process, here's how the good people at Wee Tea Logo produce Green Tea.