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Chelsea Highlights

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

First of all, apologies to those with the wrong caption or wrong name spellings to their pictures on my recent Chelsea blogs, especially Toby and Cohen from St Peter’s Secondary School in Exeter who, on 23 May blog, were wrongly captioned as pupils of Hobletts Manor. Apologies also to Flore School from Northampton and Landscove from Newton Abbot who, on checking, didn’t get a mention at all. That’s all rectified with the following.

Bobby and Ethan from Flore did a magnificent job showing the results of their trials with some really magnificent boards full of facts and figures. The picture is shown below and you can see how impressive their contribution was. 

Flore School
Huge boards were used by Bobby and Ethan from Flore Cof E Primary School, Northampton, to explain the detailed results of their trials.
Landscove School
Colour photos were shown by Dulcie and Freya, pupils of Landscove Primary School, Newton Abbot, Devon to prove that Miracle-Gro composts worked best.

Also a big thank you to Hilary Gibbard and her pupils from Landscove who travelled all the way from Newton Abbot, Devon to be part of the show. Pupils Freya and Dulcie did a great job explaining their trials and chatting to the hundreds of visitors who passed by our information tables.

I thought you might like to compare my highlights with your own experiences of the Miracle-Gro Schools Growing Initiative 2014. If you have the time, we would be grateful if you could complete the opinion Survey that can be found on . Your ideas of how we can improve would be most helpful.

Here are some of my personal highlights. ‘Thinking out of the Box’ award goes to Corelli College, Greenwich for taking our idea of caring for your plants into a whole new area. They grew nine identical troughs of Flower Magic seed and then subjected them to different music to see if plant growth would change. Each trough was placed into a different class room and was then played different types of music. Worst resulting plants came from no music and one that heard loud, shrill guitar music from a teacher whose voice is naturally loud and harsh. Best resulting plants were seen when Tchaikovsky and the school’s own interpretation of Romeo & Juliet was played regularly. A fascinating study that needs further work to reduce the variables and to pin-point if the Classic FM played to the plants of Charlton Manor had the same effect on producing such good plants.

‘Disaster of the Year’ sympathy goes to Monk’s Walk Secondary School, Welwyn, Herts who have just had their huge and very useful greenhouse condemned because a sink hole has just appeared in the middle of the central pathway. We wish them well in their fund raising efforts to buy a replacement poly-tunnel for positioning in a new quadrangle below the science block. 

‘Designer of the Year’ goes to Barry Holiman and his staff at Ladd’s for our beautiful Chelsea gardens that mixed beauty and information with verve and panache. ‘Best Graphics’ award goes to Design Hive in Farnham for the punchy backboard graphics that worked so well. ‘Best Junior Photographer’ medal goes to Felix Ursell (16) of Corelli College who took the happy smiling faces of local pupils used so successfully on those Chelsea backboards of local students. 

My ‘Bravery’ award goes to Michal for his continued support of his Garden Club despite his family tragedy. We wish him well and hope he has the strength of character to continue to nurture his obvious horticultural skills. 

We wish you all a great summer holiday and promise to post our plans for 2015 very shortly.



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