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From Compost To Kitchen

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

After a nail-biting wait we have finally heard from the RHS Shows Department that we have been granted an island space in the Discovery area. Thanks to the visualising experts at Design Hive, we show below the two different views of the stand we hope to create on the largest site available which measures 8.5m x 4m.

The Food Garden takes up the majority of the space and will be filled with vegetables, fruit and edible flowers that can easily be grown in school gardens. Hopefully the Miracle-Gro Schools’ Growing Initiative will encourage all pupils to grow and taste new crops and to eat the 5-A-Day, recommended by Government for good health and a sensible weight.

Everyone is alarmed by the obesity in our population and this idea is aimed at encouraging new thinking and action on the food we eat regularly.

The second area of the display will be the Kitchen Laboratory, where pupils will be able to meet the public and explain the growing experiments they have carried out and to show the results of this initiative. We will be creating a Healthy Living leaflet which will contain all the learning from your schools and some of the bright ideas used to stimulate a slimmer and more active population. 

Miracle Growers StandMiracle Growers Stand 2


Towards that end, all the schools who registered have received seeds of vegetables (either broad beans or swiss chard) edible flowers (pot marigold or nasturtiums) and a variety of carrot seed. We hope you have great fun and learn a great deal from growing these crops - especially if you use our feeds or the new soil improvement product called Miracle-Gro Magic Start. This has been sent so that those schools that like to conduct growing experiments, can compare the difference in growing seedlings in plain soil and soil improved with this magic ingredient, that improves soil structure and boosts soil fertility with nutrients. I’ve used it myself last summer and I could see big differences in the geranium plants I was growing – we hope you also find great differences in your vegetable growing.

Thank to all schools that have sent in pictures. Here are some from Minety Pres-School at Malmesbury, Wiltshire; Countess Anne, Hatfield, Herts and Holtspur Primary, Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Miracle Growers Schools Using Compost


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