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Miracle-Gro’wers Urban School Garden

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By Vicky Page, Garden Expert
Miracle-Gro Chelsea 2016 Garden

Discovery Area, The Great Pavilion, Stand GPH247 

The biggest garden in the Discovery Area of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the Miracle-Gro’wers Urban School Garden. This edible garden measuring 9 metres by 8 metres, has been designed around school playground themes to show how a wide variety of edible flowers, fruit bushes and attractive vegetables can green a grey Britain.

This beautiful and productive garden shows the added benefits that can be obtained from Greening Grey Britain. With a community garden with this amount of diversity everyone would learn to enjoy 5-A-Day; improve their health and happiness and help to create more fresh food fans.

Using scientific tests pupils from more than a hundred primary and secondary schools, have been growing carrots and cabbages under fair test conditions to learn how feeding and growing media affect the final crops of everyday vegetables. Statistical results of their trials and typical plants will be shown within two areas of the playground areas. A three swing frame will show the results of the school’s cabbage-growing experiment and a climbing frame will support results from their carrot experiments. 

Raised beds in a hop-scotch shaped vegetable display will show the benefits of 5-A-Day and a full-sized children’s slide construction with lettuce steps, red lettuce top platform and sweeping slope of red and green saladings will show how attractive a “slide salad” can be.

New edible plants and new growing techniques will also be on display. The new seed pod solutions called Gro-ables will be used to show the various stages of growth of edible plants from seed pod to fruiting. New edible plants will hopefully be on show including Thompson & Morgan’s Egg & Chips a new grafted plant with potato roots and aubergine fruits and Hosta seiboldiana a new edible leaf from the asparagus family. 

New varieties of existing edibles will show how breeders are improving the taste and variety of our food crops. We are currently having the following Thompson & Morgan new varieties being grown for display on GPH247 :- Pea ‘Terrain’, Turnip ‘Salad Delight’, Rocket ‘Wasabi’, Sunflower ‘Tall Timbers’ and Sunflower ‘Tanja’. 


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