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Miracle Gro'wers provide valuable help

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

At last! The weather is warming up and getting sunny. At Chelsea, it is hot, but everyone is happy to think that spring has finally arrived. Hopefully!

Baroness Fookes

Here’s a bit of gossip for you – I though you would like to know about the conversation Jane Hartley had with Her Majesty The Queen. She was introduced to The Queen by Peter Seabrook of The Sun as the organiser of the project and when asked about her role told Her Majesty that the garden couldn’t have happened without the support of teachers like Mrs Jean Wynn and her pupils. So, there you have it – the royal seal of approval!

Schools come thick and fast

St Mary's Beckenham

Thorntree Primary

Some of those pupils have been helping out on the two Miracle Gro’wers Learning Journey gardens including Oscar Walton and Katie Parking from St Mary’s, Beckenham, Kent and George Camies and Paige Camies from Thorntree Primary near Greenwich.

Also, we had a visit from Tanya and David from one of our partner garden centres – Burleydam in the Wirral, Cheshire. They came with local pupils Abbie Roberts and Hannah Blundell from Little Sutton Primary School.

We’ve also been really pleased to receive valuable help from pupils from Flore Primary in Northampton, and 2 more Cheshire schools, who were busy handing out leaflets to an excited crowd. They included Libby Doyle and Haazim Virmani from St Bernard’s RC Primary with their amazing computer exhibit of Celery and two great pots of peas from Childer Thornton pupils, Joel Hetherington and Adele Reide.

Everyone had a great time posing for pictures and talking to the public. Thanks everyone for your fabulous help and support.


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