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Clear Product Range

CLEAR® product range

Finding the right product to control specific pests or diseases can be complicated. That’s why Scotts Miracle-Gro has produced the CLEAR® range of products, which includes SlugClear, FungusClear, BugClear and RoseClear, to make your choice easier.

Find the right product to control specific pests or diseases

CLEAR® protects your plants and garden from unwanted pests and other threats.
Save your beautiful flowers, fruit and veg from a wide variety of unwanted insects with the BugClear Ultra Gun.
Roses are a garden's best friend. And so is the RoseClear Ultra Gun - saving it from rust, mildew, green fly and more.
Slugs have no right to eat away at your garden, and the SlugClear Ultra 3 puts a stop to both slugs and snails.

Explore our CLEAR® product range

No need to fret any longer that your beautiful flowers and plants will be invaded by pests and diseases. The CLEAR® product range makes ridding your garden of unwanted visitors easier than ever.