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Plant pests

Bugs and bacteria affecting your plant

Box tree caterpillar on box (Buxus sempervirens)

A relatively new insect pest to Britain is attacking box (Buxus sempervirens) plants. Box tree caterpillars feed on the plants' leaves within webbing produced over the foliage and can completely defoliate box plants.

A Capsid Bug on a Leaf

Capsid bugs can esily spoil the appearance and displays of many different plants. They give the leaves a tattered and distorted appearance and can even cause flower buds to abort.

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

More disconcerting than damaging, silverfish are quite common in houses. They tend to congregate in moist conditions – and you'll often see them in the bath or in sinks.

Whitefly on a Plant

Whitefly are small winged insects, which fly up in clouds from the underside of the leaves of affected plants when disturbed. They suck the sap of plants, weakening the plant.

Thrips (Thunder Flies) on the underside of a leaf

Thrips, also known as thunderflies and thunderbugs, are very small insects, and although they look innocuous, can cause a lot of damage to plants.

Scale Insects on a Plant Stem

Scale insects are sap-sucking insects that gradually weaken plants. They are so called because the actual insect is covered by a hard protective shell or scale.

Leaf Miner Plant Pest

As its name suggests, the larvae of these insect pests eat away at the inside of leaves, causing tell-tale trails – or mines.

Leaf Hopper Sitting on a Leaf

Leaf hoppers are sap-sucking insects that attack a wide range of plants. One or two won't cause significant damage, but lots of them can cause leaf yellowing and overall weakening of the plant.

flea beetle

Despite their small size, flea beetles can cause a lot of damage – especially as they like eating the leaves of young plants and seedlings – often leading to them becoming stunted or even dying.