How and what to grow - gro-bags, gro-sacs and planters

Gro-Bags, gro-sacs and planters can be used to grow a magnitude of vegetables, fruits, salad leaves and herbs, which can provide a good size homegrown crop for a very small amount of money.

The best areas to place your gro-bags, gro-sacs and planters are in a greenhouse or a sunny, sheltered spot in your garden, where they will receive a good amount of sunlight hours to help them grow.

What you will need

  1. Gro-bags/gro-sacs/planters
  2. Scissors
  3. Gloves
  4. Canes
  5. String

Getting started with gro-bags/planters: seeds

  1. First, you need to place the gro-bag/planter in your selected location, then loosen the compost by shaking/kneading or rolling the gro-bag/planter making sure when you’ve finished doing this the compost is evenly distributed.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the required amount of pre-marked squares, depending on what you are growing you may want to use 2 or all of them.
  3. Gently push one seed into compost in the middle of each plating space, lightly cover with a thin layer of compost.
  4. Water and make sure to keep the compost moist, don’t allow it to dry out.
  5. As the plant germinates and gets taller, place a cane or planting ring with it.

Getting started with gro-bags/planters: plants

  1. Same first two steps as with seeds
  2. Carefully create a planting hole, this needs to be big enough to fit your plant’s roots so they sit just under the soil surface.
  3. Gently refill the space left in the hole and lightly firm the plant.
  4. Place a cane with each plant and tie it to it, this will provide stability and stop it from falling/bowing over. as the plant grow, keep tying it in. Alternatively, you can use a planting ring.
  5. Water generously.

What to grow




How and what to grow - gro-bags, gro-sacs and planters

Getting started with gro-sacs

  1. Place the gro-sac in a sunny, sheltered spot that enjoys several hours of sunlight.
  2. Puncture drainage holes in the bag and using scissors, open at the top along the marked line.
  3. Roll the bag down until the compost is 2 inches from the top.
  4. Depending on what you are growing, you may only be able to place in one seed/plant per gro-sac, some vegetables don’t require a lot of room, so you would be able to grow more in each gro-sac.
  5. Water.

What to grow

How and what to grow - gro-bags, gro-sacs and planters

Top tips

  • Water regularly, try not to let the soil become too dry in hot warm conditions.
  • A weekly feed of diluted liquid tomato feed, or a vegetable and fruit feed, will be needed due to the limited amount of compost in the gro-bags, gro-sacs and planters and the nutrients in it will be used up quickly.
  • Where you have gaps in the gro-bags, gro-sacs or planters, you can always add some colourful plants to brighten them up.

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